Add the fragrance of the holidays to your home by trimming banisters, windows, doorways & mantels with our extra full balsam garland. Also makes an excellent choice for decorating outdoor fences, lampposts, and porches. Sold in 9, 15, & 18 foot lengths. Available in custom lengths.
Do this year's decorating with a special flair. Our unique Vermont garland is a blend of balsam, white cedar and white pine boughs yielding an extra full garland with extra fragrance. Well suited for inside and outside the home. Sold in 15 and 18 foot lengths. Save when you order 2 or more. Available in custom lengths.
We offer this elegant white pine garland in honor of our own family's long tradition. The lush green and crisp aroma always conjures up fond holiday memories in our family. Sold in 15 foot lengths.