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Maple Video: Making Pure Vermont Maple Candy

Read our Farm News December 2015 to see our own Youtube video on making old-fashioned Vermont maple candy.


"If the trees go into winter with wet feet, there will be a good sap-season."

If this old proverb holds true we are expecting a good maple sugaring season. Get an update on the 2015 maple sugaring season, plus learn about our exciting new cross-country skiing and snowshoeing trails at the farm.

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 A Vermont Tradition: Maple Open House Weekend

Over a 100 sugarhouses across Vermont open their doors to visitors each year. See photos from this year's Open House at Vermont Trade Winds Farm.

Plus, you'll find an update on the maple grading system change in our Farm News March 2014.

Buying The Hescock Family Farm

Truth be known Vermont Trade Winds Farm didn't have their own farm to call their own. This all changed on August 13th, 2013 when Tim Hescock and his wife Loraine bought the farm that Tim grew up on.

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We had a great start to the 2013 maple sugaring season!

As of March 13th we've made about 500 gallons of maple syrup from our 2400 sugar maple trees. Compared to the warm temperatures all last winter, it has been a normal sugaring season so far. Many days it has just been warm enough for sap flow, which means the sap has stayed cold. As a result, the first 400 gallons of syrup made was all Vermont Fancy! (for you dark syrup lovers, don't worry...we are starting to make Dark Amber as we get to the second half of the season.)

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Finding Maple Trees in Australia!

"In early May, I landed in Australia and to my surprise found myself surrounded by maple trees. It seemed my brother had settled in the one part of Australia, in fact the one TOWN in Australia, that has sugar maple trees."

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Warm Weather Yields A Below Average Season

With the mild winter, and even milder spring, we got an early start with the sugaring season. A season that started 19 days earlier than last year, lasted only 4 weeks. In a normal year the maple sugaring season last 5 to 6 weeks. Despite the short season, we feel lucky to have still made about 75% of our typical crop of maple syrup.

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We made the radio!

Listen to the Hescock family on Vermont Public Radio in February 2012.