Farm News Sept 2013

Buying The Hescock Family Farm

Truth be known Vermont Trade Winds Farm didn't own a farm to call their own. This all changed on August 14th, 2013 when Tim Hescock and his wife Loraine bought the farm that Tim grew up on.

On the evening of the sale of the farm the greater Hescock family gathered on top of the farm's highest hay meadow for a celebration. Earlier that day Maizie Hescock sold the farm to her youngest son, Tim Hescock. While the farm has been home to Vermont Trade Winds Farm's maple syrup production for a decade, it has been Maizie who has been the farm's steward for over 40 years.

Holding Onto The Farm

Tim's father Gilbert passed away when he was 2 years old, leaving Maizie as the sole provider for the family and caretaker of the farm. The other 6 children all stepped in to do the work of the 166 acre farm: driving tractors, cutting and putting up hay, milking cows, weeding gardens, harvesting vegetables, etc.

Since that time Maizie has seen many of her children become tenants of the farm. Todd Hescock and his wife Karen raised sheep, produced maple syrup, and had a large market garden during the late 1970's. In the 1980's Joe Hescock and his wife Kathleen maintained a small number of cows that were milked by hand, grazed younger dairy cows, and saw that the 25 acres of hayland was cut and harvested each year. Two decades later, Tim Hescock and his wife Loraine began leasing the sugarbush on the farm and further developed the maple business into what it is today.


The "Farm" in VTWF

Tim, along with his other siblings, have always felt the farm was each their own. But the reality was that if something happened to Maizie the future of the family farm and Vermont Trade Winds Farm might be uncertain. Selling the farm now meant Maizie could also be part of the process. It took a lot of courage for both parties to be proactive and go forward with the sale, but as a result Vermont Trade Winds Farm has a farm to call their own. The Hescock family also has at least another generation to keep the lands open and as a working family farm.


Maizie Hescock and VTWF Co-Owner Tim Hescock.

In Maizie's right hand: the family "cow bell" that is

rung at every major family event.

A view from the top of the farm's highest meadow.

A view from the top of the farm's highest hill.

The Hescock family gathered here on the night

of August 14th to commemorate the sale of

the farm.