Vermont Grade B Maple Syrup

Now called "Grade A Dark Robust"....

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Historically Grade B was the darkest of the 4 grades of maple syrup. Being the darkest grade means it also has the strongest maple flavor. With the new grading system established in 2014 in Vermont, Grade B is called "Grade A Dark Robust". In fact, there is now an additional grade that is even darker, called "Grade A Very Dark Strong", which has an even stronger maple flavor best suited for cooking or flavoring.

How do we make the darker grades of maple syrup?

It is mostly determined by mother nature. The darker grades are made during the last days of the sugaring season each year. Just as the lightest maple syrup is made during the early part of season when temperatures are cold, Dark Robust and Very Dark Strong grades are produced at the end of the season when the days are getting warmer.

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Gallon Box Grade B Maple Syrup


Grade B Maple Syrup


Maple Syrup FAQ

Is Grade B the best grade?

What is Grade B maple syrup?

What is the Maple Syrup Diet?

Is our maple syrup organic or all natural?

What is the nutritional value of Grade B?

Do we sell Grade C maple syrup?

IS GRADE B THE BEST GRADE? - It is all about personal preference. Grade B meets the same stringent qualities of purity and density as the other 3 grades. The only difference is that it is the darkest color. This means it has the strongest flavor, which makes it a favorite for flavoring baked goods and meats. Likewise, for many people their favorite is Fancy or Medium Amber grade, which both have a more delicate maple flavor.

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