How We Make Maple Syrup

Scenes from this year's maple season!

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Getting Ready - Preparation starts in the winter Getting Ready - Taking supplies into the woods. Getting Ready - Putting a new tank in place to collect the sap.
Tapping Time - The season begins by  tapping a hole in each maple tree. Tapping Time - Putting the spout into the hole. Tapping Time - Awaiting the first drop of sap!
Tapping Time - Hanging a bucket to collect the sap. Gathering The Sap - The sap needs to gathering from the buckets every day or two. Gathering The Sap - Taking a break for the camera!
Boiling Into Syrup - The sap is boiled in the stainless steel evaporator. Boiling Into Syrup - The evaporator is wood fired. Boiling Into Syrup - The front part of the evaporator where the syrup is
Boiling Into Syrup - The syrup is ready! Boiling Into Syrup - The sweet, warm sugarhouse is a great place to visit with friends or visitors. Boiling Into Syrup - Steam from the sugarhouse.
Boiling Into Syrup - The end.