Which Grade Is Best?

Some say Medium, some say Grade B. Others say Fancy. What's it all mean? All Vermont maple syrup is graded according to its color. The darker the color the stronger the maple flavor. Fancy is the lightest and has the most delicate flavor.  We'll leave it to you to explore and find what "maple bouquet" suits your taste buds best.

Fancy (Grade A)

Light and mild maple flavor. Usually made in the earliest part of the sugaring season.

Best For: Cake icings, ice cream, delicate desserts and for making maple cream and maple candy.

Medium Amber (Grade A)

A popular choice for the table. A bit darker and a bit stronger maple flavor.

Best For: Pouring on waffles, pancakes, and French toast.

Dark Amber (Grade A)

A deep color, clean but stronger maple flavor. Typically, made later in the sugaring season as the weather turns warmer. Often preferred by "seasoned" users because of its robust maple taste.

Best For: All around use for cooking and at the breakfast table on waffles, pancakes, and French toast. The stronger maple flavor makes it the best choice in baked goods.

Grade B

Made from the last days of the sugaring season. Has the darkest color and strongest maple flavor of the table grades.

Best For: Cooking and baking. Its heavy flavor is ideal for meat glazings, baked beans, and certain desserts. Some old Vermonters still make it their choice for pouring on a hearty stack of waffles or buttermilk pancakes!

Maple Syrup Grading Sampler

Grading kit used to determine grade.

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