Dried Balsam Needles


Our own dried Vermont balsam needles, used for making balsam pillows and potpouri. Balsam Fir needles have a wonderful fragrance and the aroma will last for many years.

Our balsam needles are pure, not "chipped" branches that contain a lot of wood chips.

("Chipping" is how most suppliers of balams fir needles manufacture their product.)

Note: 1 pound of balsam needles equals about 9 cups.

Our dried balsam needles have a wonderful mellow smell, but will not "over-power" you like green needles that have been just cut from the tree. The needles have to be dried to be useable as filling for pillows, sachets, etc. By kneading your sachet or balsam pillow the needles will be come slightly "crushed" releasing more of the fragrance for years to come!

Dried Balsam Needles, 1 lb. Bag $19.95
2+ $18.00
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