16.9 oz. Amber
33 oz. Liter

Glass Jug Maple Syrup

100% Pure Vermont Maple Syrup in glass. For a description of the different maple syrup grades click here.


Available in 16.9 oz. printed VTWF jug in Amber or Dark, or classic 33 oz. 1 Litre jug in Amber. The flavor of maple syrup keeps excellent in glass, but with a shorter shelf life. For storage past 6 months keep in the refrigerator, even if upopened. Refrigerate after opening.

Glass Jug Maple Syrup, 16.9 oz. Amber $17.95
Glass Jug Maple Syrup, 16.9 oz. Dark $17.95
Glass Jug Maple Syrup, 33 oz. Liter $29.95
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