Half Gallon Jug (64 oz.)

100% Pure Vermont Maple Syrup. Available in 4 grades: Fancy, Medium Amber, Dark Amber, or Grade B. The grade is essential the color of the syrup, with Fancy being the lightest color and Grade B the darkest. The darker the flavor the more robust the maple flavor. For a description of the different maple syrup grades click here.


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Half Gallon Jug (64 oz.), Fancy $41.95
2+ $39.00
Half Gallon Jug (64 oz.), Medium Amber $39.95
2+ $38.00
Half Gallon Jug (64 oz.), Dark Amber $38.95
2+ $37.00
Half Gallon Jug (64 oz.), Grade B $38.95
2+ $37.00
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