Now accepting wreath orders for the 2018 season!

Please note: UPS rates have gone up dramatically for wreaths so in order to offer the flat rate of $8.95, we've had to raise our prices.

You may select an earlier arrival date, but for maximum freshness we recommend an arrival date after Nov. 28th. If you are located in a warm climate, we recommend selecting an arrival date in the 1st or 2nd week of December.

Greens Of Vermont Wreath

Greens Of Vermont Wreath

Red, Burgundy, or Gold Bow

$57.95 plus $8.95 per address


Each wreath is carefully packaged with a vapor barrier and immediately shipped, arriving to your door lush and fragrant. If your wreath is hung in an above freezing location, misting the wreath with water every few days will help keep it fresh and fragrant.

Please note: All our wreaths are single-sided except as noted. By special request any wreath can be made double-sided. Double-sided wreaths have greenery on the front and back, hiding the wire frame of the wreath.

Sending to multiple addresses?

1. Before adding a wreath to your "Shopping Basket" you can create new address profiles.

2. You can also email us your list (loraine@vermonttradewinds.com) and we will complete the order for you.

3. Call us at 802-897-2448 with any questions or help with your order.

22" wreath tied from fresh boughs of white cedar, white pine and balsam, finely decorated with pinecones and red berries and trimmed with a red bow, burgundy or gold bow.
Choose a single-sided or double-sided 22" wreath. Decorated with hand-tied bow and clusters of pinecones with red berries.
A double made bow highlights this 22" balsam wreath. A light blend of pine is added to give it an extra soft look. Decorated with white reindeer moss, dark red crabapples, and a large cluster of pinecones.
22" balsam wreath adorned with pinecones, red berries, gold bow and sprigs of aromatic white pine. Also avail. with red or burgundy bow.
A twist to our Traditional 22" Balsam wreath. Decorated with a prominent row of pinecones & berries, and a weatherproof red, burgundy, or gold bow.
Our largest balsam wreath at approx. 30". Handmade with over 5 lbs of greens, it is ideally suited for garage doors, exterior walls, horse barns, or any large surface that needs something a little extra. Decorated with oversized berries and natural pinecones. Available with red, burgundy, or gold weatherproof bow.
Single-sided balsam wreath decorated with a red bow and clusters of pinecones and red berries. Approximately 12 inches in diameter.
Our Traditional Balsam Wreath with your choice of a pint jug of Amber Vermont maple syrup, a 1 lb. pound tub of 100% Pure Maple Cream, or 13 oz. bag of our hand tumbled Maple Walnuts. Your selection arrives nested in the center of the wreath. Send the fragrance of balsam and the taste of Vermont all in one!