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Pies..Personalized! Our Tummy's Homemade Vermont Pies are single serving pies. You get the whole large pie experience; light flaky crust and whole fruit fillings, but in a size just for you! Sold as a box of 6 single pies, or an assortment to try them all.

Box of Tummy's pies.

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2 Day Delivery For Only $8.95

We carefully package them so they'll arrive as perfect as when they first came out of the oven. Pies are baked and shipped the same day by guaranteed 2nd Day Delivery to ensure you receive the freshest pie possible. The pies a carefully packaged in a gift box that is specially designed for shipping, so they arrive as perfect as when they first came out of the oven. We bake and ship on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday so that your order will arrive before the weekend. Please contact us if you need Next Day Air Delivery.


The Perfect Small Pie

The smaller sized pie is how Tummy's began in 2002, first selling to small general stores in Vermont. Our pies quickly became an all natural alternative to other mass-produced mini-pies. Their single serving size makes them a truly unique experience. Because of their compact size they also ship better than large pies. You can eat them off a plate, but we recommend holding with 2 hands and diving in!

Pies Made The Old-Fashioned Way

WHOLE FRUIT - Only whole fruit is used to make our pies. Whenever possible we try to buy our fruit from local Vermont farms, like our apples which always come fresh from right here in Shoreham, Vermont. On the farm, we also have our own plots of peach trees, raspberries, and blueberries, which we use when in season. Our whole fruit fillings are made up from scratch each time we bake, yielding a pie that has great fruity flavor.

The farm's own peaches.

THE CRUST - A great pie starts with a great crust. Our crusts are gently rolled out by hand using a hard maple rolling pin. The result is a delicate mouth-watering crust that is moist on the inside with a tinge of crunchy sweetness on the outside.

SIMPLE INGREDIENTS - All of our pies are made with a small number of simple ingredients and contain no preservatives. Our crust is made with 100% unbleached King Arthur flour. We apologize if you are looking for Sugar-Free pies, because our pies do contain real sugar.


What our customers say about us...


"Excellent! Very delicious. Would recommend to others!" -Omaha, NE

"I just wanted to thank you for the delicious pies! I ordered the blackberry pies for my finance's birthday. It was a great ending to a candlelight dinner. He was excited to know I remembered he loved blackberry pie and since he had not had one for a while he was impressed. Thanks for making me a hero." - New Egypt, NJ