15 foot length

Classic Balsam Garland

NEW Sizes! Add the fragrance of the holidays to your home by trimming banisters, windows, doorways & mantels with our extra full balsam garland. Also makes an excellent choice for decorating outdoor fences, lampposts, and porches. Sold in 9, 15, & 18 foot lengths. Save when you order 2 or more.



Custom lengths also available.

Please note: This product is perishable, and we cannot ship it to outside territories (Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, etc).

Classic Balsam Garland, 9 foot length $39.95
2+ $36.00
Classic Balsam Garland, 15 foot length $57.95
2+ $55.00
Classic Balsam Garland, 18 foot length $69.95
2+ $67.00
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