15 foot length

Vermont Garland

Do this year's decorating with a special flair. Our unique Vermont garland is a blend of balsam, white cedar and white pine boughs yielding an extra full garland with extra fragrance. Well suited for inside and outside the home. For warm climates and when hung indoors, you may want to order your garland to arrive the 2nd week of December. Misting the garland with water will help keep it fresh and fragrant.



* Please note, when shipping to California this item will not contain white cedar due to the state's regulations.

Sold in 15 and 18 foot lengths. Save when you order 2 or more.

Custom lengths also available.


Please note: This product is perishable, and we cannot ship it to outside territories (Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, etc).

Vermont Garland, 15 foot length $62.95
2+ $59.00
Vermont Garland, 18 foot length $74.95
2+ $72.00
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