Box with spigot

Gallon Box Grade B, Dark or Very Dark Maple Syrup

For more information about Very Dark and Grade B maple syrup click here.





** Depending on availability you'll receive Dark Robust or Very Dark Strong grade.

For jugs of Grade B/Very Dark please click here.

Our most economical way to buy Dark or Very Dark maple syrup!

Comes with a spigot for quick and easy access to your favorite Vermont maple syrup!

No Refrigeration Needed!

Because there is no headspace (i.e. air) in the box, we leave our box right on a pantry shelf without refrigeration. (be advised we use our Vermont Grade B up quickly, so if you are a slower user, you may still want to refrigerate or freeze the box.)

Gallon Box Grade B, Dark or Very Dark Maple Syrup, Box with spigot $69.95
5+ $64.95
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