Double-Sided, Burgundy
Double-Sided, Red

Traditional Balsam Wreath

Available as a single-sided or double-sided 22" wreath. For hanging between a door and a storm door, single-sided is often preferred since it is a slightly thinner wreath.Decorated with bow and clusters of pinecones & red berries. Ships with weatherproof burgundy or classic red bow.

Please note: This product is perishable, and we cannot ship it to outside territories (Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, etc).

Traditional Balsam Wreath, Single-Sided, Red $47.95
Traditional Balsam Wreath, Single-Sided, Burgundy $47.95
Traditional Balsam Wreath, Double-Sided, Burgundy $59.95
Traditional Balsam Wreath, Double-Sided, Red $59.95
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