Our New Barrel Aged Maple Syrup

Caption: Owner Tim Hescock installs a sampling tube into a 12 year old rye whiskey barrel. The charred oak barrel gets a "second life" at Trade Winds Farm, where Vermont maple syrup is aged in it for 4 months.

The source maple syrup was a barrel of Dark Robust from 2018 with a nice full maple flavor and a %LT of 42.

AVAILABILITY Get it now! Pick it up at the farm or order online. Available in 200ml (6.7 oz.) or 375ml (12.7 oz.) flask bottles. Larger bottle cap is sealed in wax.

What does the "% LT" stand for? % Light Transmittance. This barrel of maple syrup is dark, 42% of the light shown on it will pass through it.This places it in the middle of the Dark Robust grade which runs from 25%LT to 50%LT.