Choose Your Grade

What's it all mean? All Vermont maple syrup is graded according to its color. The darker the color the stronger the maple flavor. Golden Delicate is the lightest and has the most delicate flavor. We'll leave it to you to explore and find what "maple bouquet" suits your taste buds best.

Golden with Delicate Taste (formerly known as Fancy)

Light, golden color with a mild, delicate taste. Excellent as a table syrup or over ice cream or yogurt.

Amber with Rich Taste (formerly known as Medium Amber)

A light amber color and full-bodied flavor, this class of syrup is the product of choice for consumers who desire the classic maple syrup flavor.

Dark with Robust Taste (formerly known as Dark Amber)

A dark amber color with a more pronounced maple flavor, suited for both cooking and the table.

Very Dark with Strong Taste (formerly known as Grade B)

Nearly black, this syrup has a strong flavor that translates well to cooking, where the maple flavor will carry through to the finished dish.

Please note: The comparison to the former grading system is approximate. For both Dark and Very Dark grades, customers will find that the flavor is a little stronger than in the old grading system and they may want to adjust accordingly.

For more information on Vermont's Grade Change click on the postcard below:

Maple Syrup Grading Sampler

Why the Change?

In 2014 Vermont's maple syrup grading system has changed. The maple syrup grades we had been using were based on a system created when maple syrup was a substitute for cane sugar, which was not widely available. The new grades provide better descriptions, with each of the classifications having a color and flavor descriptor, helping customers pinpoint the exact syrup they want to purchase.

International Alignment

For years, Vermont's four grades of maple syrup had differed from New York's, Maine's, Canada's and others. This created confusion within the marketplace and our new grades will be aligned with all other states and provinces, so that we all use the same grade names.